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It's funny that AOL was the main reason I had for starting this blog, but that I'm only now posting about them. I've had major issues with AOHell on 3 separate occasions not counting all the smaller problems that most every other complaint covers. They ruined 1 checking account, overdrew me on another one (that took me approximately 4-5 years to be able to get after they screwed the first one) and then after I contacted my bank's fraud department and had my bank demand return of the money that they weren't authorized to take in the first place, AOL, for whatever reason, reimbursed me twice and then a couple months later sent me an overdue balance letter demanding I owed them for the second reimbursement. I attempted to, calmly, explain that this was the banks mistake and not mine, therefore they needed to contact my bank to fix it and that I did not owe them anything. *Feel free to let me know you think I'm wrong on this one.

In the end, since the woman I spoke with insisted on throwing a different reason at me every time I proved her previous one was wrong, she actually had the audacity to not only talk over me, but to raise her voice at me I finally, YELLING into the phone, told her to make a note in my file that I would NOT be paying them dick and hung up. I have never heard from them since.

But back to the page at hand. I can relate to almost every complaint I read in one way or another. But one particular poster, by the name of Shane, just annoys the hell out of me. While there is nothing wrong with going to a complaint site and attempting to defend the person or, in this case, the company that is the issue, then you should at least learn how to spell and use punctuation before you go on a tirade about how all the complainers are stupid. Enough said.

Yes, I may misspell on occasion, but at least my messages are readable, Shane...

Here's A No Brainer: -

Here's A No Brainer: -

Wow... Near as I can tell this site hasn't been updated since 1998 but what a killer read if you hate AOL. There is a small pop up that kinda caught me off guard but turned out to be nothing.. lol

Sunday, January 6, 2008 Sprint Blamed For Something That Isn't Their Fault Sprint Blamed For Something That Isn't Their Fault

Hmmmm... After first reading this story from the consumers point of view I had to see what the opposition had to say about it. What did I find?? Something with horns that smells like poo........

When someone dies their estate handles all their financial affairs and since her son didn't have anyone else his mother was the one left with his debt.

I have attempted to answer the main question here, which is, who is officially responsible for the estate of an ADULT child in the event of their death? This is what I have discovered:


Are parents responsible for the unpaid debt of a deceased adult child?

Nope. Only if the parents cosigned or had their name on the ownership of the debt.

Also from

If an adult passes away and there is not a will, who is automatically responsible for the unpaid debts of the deceased?


Are the parents of a deceased adult child with no estate responsible for paying unpaid debt?

No, if they were not joint debtor's with the deceased they are not responsible for any of his or her debts.

Now, if anyone has an opinion on this please feel free to speak, although, I'd prefer someone to point me in the direction of the actual legalities of this issue.......

Death: Sprint Harasses Grieving Mother For Two Years

Death: Sprint Harasses Grieving Mother For Two Years

Horror story for any grieving family, in my opinion. Who is responsible for the deceased remaining bills? If there is no will does a company have the right to harass whomever it deems responsible? How should a grieving parent handle a question such as, "Is your son back yet"?

Regardless of the fact that, yes, companies have every right to expect payment for their services, I don't believe that the HONEST consumer deserves such ridiculously callous treatment.